*The range and speed performance are affected by the bike load, temperature, speed, terrain, etc. The aboveparameters are tested under the conditions of rider weight 70KG, ambient temperature 27°C, constant speed40KM/h, and a dry and flat road.

*After removing the license plate bracket, passenger handrail, passenger footpegs, and replacing the wheelset withoff-road wheels, the weight is reduced to 85 kg, the same as the X version.
. . .

The Ultra Bee adheres to the SURRON’S design philosophy of “balance is perfection.” The frame is made of forgedaluminumalloy, tailored to the Ultra Bee’s dedicated power system. The front-to-rear weight ratio is 50:50. Thewhole bike weighs merely 85KG, making it easily liftable, even with bare hands.
The overall human to machine integration and flexible drive characteristics configuration allows the rider to find theirpersonal favorite between daily commuting comfort and off-road capability, achieving a seamless harmony from the
inside out.